Q. What weight is the camper?

A: The Dual cab models start at 475kg dry weight . The single cab dry weight is about the 550kg. Our trailer model is about the 1040kg dry.

Q. What is the weight loaded?
A. This is too hard for us to tell as we do not know how you travel.
Q. Where is most of the weight?
A: The most of the weight is in the first ¼ of the camper so that way it is over or in front of your axle.


Q. Is it Australian canvas?
A: Yes.
Q. Does the fly over the top have to come off each time?
A: No. this is attached all the time.
Q. Does the camper come with annexe walls?

A. This is an optional extra.

Q. Does it come with midge mesh walls?

A: Yes, there are large midge mesh windows in annex wall panels.

Q. How do I clean the canvas which has been soiled from bird droppings?
A. Leave dry and use compressed air and blow off and brush off and NEVER  use an alkaline base product, as this will pull the wax out of the canvas and then you will have to reproof the canvas.
Q. Do I have to season the canvas?
A. Yes you will have to do this as the needle from the sewing machine makes a hole and the cotton stitching needs to take up the hole. This is best done 3 times. This has nothing to do with the Canvas as the canvas is already treated.
Q. The zips are hard to slide, what should I do?
A. Clean with soapy water then spray with a silicone spray to make them easier to slide.

Kitchen & Storage

Q. Where are the gas bottles?

A: There are no large gas bottles in new model, the cooker utilises small 1lb bottles and hot water and internal cabin heating system is Diesel.

Q. How long do the 1lb canisters last?

A: Most customer report appox. 2weeks per canister

Q. Can I get to the kitchen without folding the camper out?
A. Yes you can get to the kitchen easily once you have pulled over on the side of the road. You can make lunch and access the fridge along with all your cooking utensils. Also, the drawers are accessible from the outside and inside, so you can pack
the camper at home without folding camper out.
Q. Does the fridge come standard?

A. Yes, the 85lt Travelander upright fridge is standard in all slide-on models

Q. Can I store things up on the bed?
A: Yes, we put up on there our kids bedding, solar and a table.
Q. Can I carry things on the roof?
A. Yes, but whatever you put up there has to come off before folding the camper out.

Electrical & Batteries

Q. What happens if the remotes fail or lose power?

A.  You have a manual back up switch, if this was not able to be used as low battery power. There is a manual winder to attach and will take about 2 minute to close. But if the battery is flat then just start your car and put power back into the battery and then after 15 min you should be able to close or open.

Q. Does it have 240 volt and an inverter?

A. Yes it does have a 240 volt inlet on the Side and an outlet in the kitchen to
use when on mains power. There is also an Optional  2000 watt Redarc inverter in the camper to
use when you are not on mains power. 

Q. How long does the battery last?

A. As standard our campers include 300ah lithium batteries which last approx. 6-7  days without any input, depending on ambient temperature and how often you open the fridge. 

Q. Do they come with the LED lights?
A. Yes,  standard on all models, and we also install bug off lighting on all models.
Q. Does the camper come with Solar panels?
A. This is an optional extra.
Q. Do I have to top up the batteries?

A. No these are maintenance free Lithium Batteries they just need to be plugged in to power when not in use.

Q. Can I charge the camper just before we plan to go away?
A. No, the Redarc battery management system will keep the batteries in optimum condition if plugged into power at all times when in storage.

Setting up camp

Q. How long does it take to get the camper off the ute?
A. Approx. 6 minutes.
Q. How long to unpack?
A. 30 seconds, you can be inside and in bed just on 2 minutes.
Q. How long to pack up?
A. Approx. 3 to 4 minutes
Q. Can I still use the camper on its legs?

A. Yes you can still open and close the camper and use the camper as normal.

Q. What if the legs don’t reach the ground under the lid?
A. They are extendable or place a block of timber under them if you need more height.

Water, diesel & bedding

Q. How much water capacity?

A. DC – 120L / SC – 120L / Lantrex – 240L

Q. How does the diesel heater work?

A. There is a  German Eberspacher Diesel burner in the camper that heats glycol and then this glycol is used through heat transfer plates to heat the cold water to hot. The same glycol is used to go through a heat exchange that has a fan attached which then pushes the warm air into the camper.

Q. How much Diesel does it use ?
A. You can leave running all night and it only uses about 1L of diesel.
Q. What size mattress?
A. Standard queen size.
Q. Can the bed stay made up ?
A. Yes as our floor folds over on top of the bed, not the bed folding over on top of camper.
Q. Does it come with a porta pottie?
A. Yes we can supply at an additional cost as an optional accessory.

Vehicles, customisation & servicing

Q. Does it matter what vehicle?

A: No, you can put our campers on anything from a Greatwall  to a light truck the choice is yours.

Q. Does it matter what tray size?
A: No, a standard tray is fine, our camper is designed to go on anything. The only thing to make sure is the tray height has to be no lower the about 1m, as for when you put the camper on it will come down and then cannot be any lower then 930mm.
Q. Can I put an SC camper on a dual cab vehicle or a DC camper on a single cab vehicle?
A: Yes, You can fit one of our dual cab campers onto your single cab vehicle, this allows for space between the camper and the cab of the vehicle which you can use to store gear. You can also fit a single cab camper to a dual cab vehicle by extending the tray and chassis of the vehicle. See image below of a great example.


Q. Do I need to do anything with the springs?
A: Yes it is best you get an upgrade if you have a dual cabs or space cab vehicle (1 and ½ cabs). You are best to get a spring upgrade, but we can talk to a fitter regarding your specific requirements. DO NOT  fit air bags to a dual cab or space cab as you will bend your chassis . For single cabs, you can go spring or air bags and once again we can discuss with our suspension suppliers about your requirements.
Q. Can I stud match the trailer to my vehicle?
A. Most vehicles we can do.
Q. Can the camper be painted a different colour ?

A. Yes we can colour match at an additional cost

Q. Do I need to service camper regularly?
A: With our trailer model yes you do have to service every 5000km or every 2500km if hard 4wding or water crossings.  General maintenance like washing & keeping it clean is sufficient. After time you may need to adjust the door catches, and silicon spray the zippers and rubbers.
Q. Do you hire?

A. Yes as a Package only including the vehicle.

Q. Is my Warranty transferable if I sell my camper?
A. Yes, the warranty is transferable upon completion of the new owner getting a handover of the camper. This must be completed by an authorised Travelander dealer. The transfer form is available here.