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Australia's best off-road touring camper trailers & slide on campers!

If you are looking at exploring the untouched areas of the Australian outback, the beautiful beaches or camping throughout some of Australia’s secret wilderness, where no ordinary man dares to travel… Then you’ll need a camper trailer or tray back camper that can be taken just about anywhere. You need a Travelander! With the purchase of a Travelander camper, you will not only buy camper trailer or slide-on tray back camper, but also the experience of being able to explore Australia in comfort and style.

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Key Features:

  • 30 sec automatic remote control set up
  • Hard floor left hand folding camper
  • Roomy inside, but compact when closed
  • Kitchen on outside
    – prepare a meal without opening the camper
  • Ample storage throughout
  • Lightweight and loaded with handy extras
  • Dual use – fibreglass unit can be removed from chassis and placed on ute tray