Kwik Camp KC.1 |  Side opening off-road camper trailer | Automatic set-up

Because we are passionate about family camping, we have designed an impressive new side folding concept perfect for family camping. Well suited for a large family this camper trailer is effortless to set-up. Like all our models this off-road camper trailer is fitted with our ever-popular automatic set-up aided by remote control.

So, if you want a family camper trailer that is affordable, comfortable, and quick to set-up the Kwik.Camp KC.1 has all the comforts of home and makes every day of a whirlwind trip simple and easy with children in mind.  This true off-road camper trailer has two queen size beds which can sleep up to six people quite easily. 

So be at ease knowing that you don’t have to push the weight of the hard-floor camper when opening and closing the lid to access your beds; the camper does it for you. All you do is hit the button and walk inside in 60 seconds, it’s just that easy and packing up is just as quick.  Designed as a hard floor, side folding camper trailer, you can open the hard floor sleeping quarters of the camper trailer anywhere and have a rest during the day. Or if you are feeling like a snack, you can pull off on the side of the road and prepare your lunch hassle free, from the large family kitchen on the left-hand side of the camper trailer.

The creative one-piece fibreglass body reflects aerodynamics at its best, for ultimate fuel economy when travelling anywhere on or off-road. In the creation of this comfortable hard floor camper trailer, we understand that family living requires easy access to all on-board facilities. With this in mind, we have still equipped this model with a large kitchen, 2 large water tanks, optional shower & cubical, ample storage for family living, with focus on keeping the weight of the trailer down. This was attainable by our continued use of incorporating modern technology throughout the whole body of the camper and trailer chassis.

All accessories carried on a trip such as gas bottles and jerry cans, can be stored inside the camper which provides a mud and dust free environment. It also prevents tampering of accessories as these items can be locked up inside the exterior lockable storage doors. We were able to combine practical ideas and continue to provide a winning design enabling the camper trailer to retain its sleek aesthetic looks.

Equipped with 2 water tanks you will have plenty of water for everyone. Hygienic clean water is a compulsory attribute when you are camping and something that everyone should take seriously when camping in the wilderness. A water filter has been provided to the sink tap in the kitchen for clean drinking water.  The Kwik.Camp KC.1 provides an 80 L front water tank and a 160 L rear water tank is provided for extra water during long distance travel.  The water pump system allows you to pump directly from a stream to fill the front & rear tank if required. You can also pump water directly from the stream for the kitchen and shower should you decide to stay in the wilderness for a longer period.

The Kwik.Camp KC.1 features a unique chassis design, built from DuraGal steel which is then powder coated for protection from all off-road conditions. It consists of a Y frame mono construction, built with engineering excellence.

The canvas provided for the main tent, tropical roof, awning roof and walls are made from a premier outdoor fabric which has been dyna proofed to prevent sun penetration. The area that the canvas covers is to the sleeping quarters, which includes the elevated area incorporating a queen bed and the hard floor area which also allows for further bedding, or internal table and chairs. The internal sleeping quarters features five windows and two doors for optimum air flow. Whilst sleeping inside the camper trailer you can open or close the window zips from the inside.

The main tent and tropical roof cover the sleeping quarters including the windows on both ends, which can be pegged and polled out for breathability. The tropical roof cover prevents dew from building up and dripping on you from inside the camper trailer and most important it reduces the amount of heat from the sun.

Sitting over the kitchen and living area an optional ‘Darche Eclipse 270 Awning’ runs the length of the camper trailer (not inc. drawbar) when folded out. Awning walls are also an option and are designed with large windows for circulation and a draft skirt. When the awning is completely set up with the walls, it will protect you from the taunting elements of our ever-changing weather patterns.

Whether your family has a growth spurt, or you need another room for friends, we can also provide you with an optional extra family room for your next outdoor adventure.

The family room attaches onto the main tent roof. This family room is a soft floor tent which sits on ground level and is 8 square metres in total. With such a spacious family room, you can easily fit 2 single stretchers and 1 queen size bed depending on your needs. You could also use this area for an indoors eating area.

Whatever extra option you choose the main tent provides two queen beds with the option for more bedding in the family room.

This family camper trailer is very roomy inside, is compact on the road, but allows for a large family or group of friends to tour together on a weekend or long holiday.