Off-road Camper trailer  |  GEO Convert 5

These true off-road camper trailers have a robust and rugged chassis, which is constructed with 100 x 50mm beams, manufactured with lugs, scrub bars and other anchor points, before being powder coated for longevity of life, so you can be assured of a safe and trouble free trip.

Each wheel is independently suspended by coils and shock absorbers. You can also request an independent air bag system to be fitted instead, along with the shock absorbers; where each air bag manually adjusts to level the floor when setting up camp.

The suspension arm trails to the rear, giving them the best possible catch-free status, creating minimal cracking stress to the components when being towed through the rough terrain of our Country.

The rear of the chassis design, allows a bike carrier to be fitted, for those who enjoy a bike ride through the country towns that you visit.

The off-road camper trailer is fitted with our ever popular (automatic set-up) aided by a remote control key ring. It is extremely easy to set-up, as there is no back breaking exercise of opening and closing the camper. So if you’ve had a long day of driving and you have to set-up your camper trailer at night, we make it simple for you. Packing up is just as quick and easy.

Be at ease knowing that you don’t have to push the weight of the hard-floor camper when opening and closing the lid to access your bed; the camper does it for you.  Designed as a hard floor, (left hand) side folding camper trailer, you can open the hard floor sleeping quarters of the camper trailer, anywhere and have a rest during the day. Or if you are feeling like a snack, you can pull off on the side of the road and prepare your lunch hassle free, from the rear kitchen of the camper trailer.

The camper trailer has a 12 volt electrical system that runs throughout the main structure, with the allocation of two x 12 volt power plug outlets (1 x socket / 1 x USB) for your convenience.

This off-road hard floor camper trailer can be fitted with a battery charger and inverter which would be located inside the camper trailer, along with either two 120 amp hour batteries or lithium batteries which are also an option. These are charged as you are driving along by the aid of an Anderson plug which you will need to fit to your vehicle. If you are standing still the batteries will generally last for 2-3 days without the aid of a generator or solar panel. So if you are planning a long stay in one area, we would recommend purchasing a generator and / or solar panels as back-up, as they compliment the power set-up for camps away from mains power.

There is ample storage in the front nose cone of the camper trailer, which allows you to store a 15hp outboard motor inside one of the storage doors. Even though you have a storage compartment on the main section of the camper trailer;  There is plentiful storage space in the front nose cone where you can house other gear such as, jerry cans, a generator, tools and other keep sake items that you may purchase on your trip.

Entry to the Travelander camper trailer is from the left hand rear, via the canvas door. The kitchen is located at the rear of the camper trailer, which when open is sheltered from the sun, as the kitchen door when opened sits hinged on gas struts above your head. Designed as a hard floor, (left hand) side folding camper trailer, you can pull off on the side of the road and prepare your lunch without having to open up your camper trailer to access an inside kitchen.

The canvas provided for the tent, annexe roof and walls is made from a premier outdoor fabric which has been dyna proofed to prevent sun penetration. The area that the canvas covers is to the sleeping quarters, which includes the elevated area incorporating a queen bed with bed head storage and the hard floor area which also allows for further bedding, or internal table and chairs. This particular area includes a tropical roof cover, which prevents dew from building up and dripping on you from inside the camper trailer and most important, it reduces the amount of heat from the sun.

You also have the option of a kitchen sun shade which protects you from the sun if you are stopping off in the middle of the day for a lunch break and want to sit under the kitchen area whilst eating and resting. Along with the rear sun shade the camper trailer can also be fitted with the main annexe roof which is 8 foot wide and runs the length of the camper when folded out.

The interior and exterior layout provides separate areas for sitting, dining and sleeping, as well as a shower cubical which can also be attached to the front passenger side. With all the living areas correctly appointed, it provides everything that a travelling couple or family could wish for, including the provision to entertain further guests.

The only addition to your camper trailer would be a portable toilet, which can be placed in the optional shower cubical for privacy and use. When travelling, you can store a portable toilet in the storage compartments of the front nose cone.

The camper trailer is very roomy inside but quite cute and compact when closed, so they are perfect for those who want something modern, lightweight but highly durable, when travelling off-road.