Off-road trayback camper |  Evron DC 6 – dual cab

The dual cab camper model, built for off road travel, will fit on the back of all dual cab and space cab Ute trays. Research suggests that most people that own a dual cab 4WD Ute are in fact a family of three or more people. Therefore, we have designed this compact model accordingly, to create as much living and storage space for the average family when camping.

Designed as a hard floor, (left hand) side folding camper, you can pull off on the side of the road and prepare your lunch without having to un-hook your boat. You can also open the hard floor sleeping quarters of the camper, anywhere and have a rest, whilst your boat is still attached.

This camper also makes for a great fishing rig, as it has ample storage space for fishing gear and not to forget the necessary sleeping quarters after a long day or night of fishing.

Our dual cab camper is very roomy inside but quite cute and compact when closed. This camper has our exclusive automatic set-up aided by a remote control key ring; which is a real treat for ease of setting up camp. So if you’ve had a long day of driving and you have to set-up your camper at night, we make it simple for you. Packing up is just as quick and easy. Be at ease knowing that you don’t have to push the weight of the hard-floor camper lid closed; the camper does it for you.

Entry to the Travelander slide-on tray back dual cab camper is from the left hand rear, via the canvas door. The kitchen area is located at the rear of the camper, which when open is sheltered from the sun, as the kitchen door when opened sits hinged on gas struts above your head.

The canvas provided for the tent, including tropical roof and sun shade to kitchen, is made from a premier outdoor fabric which has been dyna proofed to prevent sun penetration. The area that the canvas covers is to the sleeping quarters, which includes the elevated area incorporating a queen bed with bed head storage and the hard floor area which also allows for further bedding, or internal table and chairs. This particular area includes a tropical roof cover, which prevents dew from building up and dripping on you from inside the camper and most important, it reduces the amount of heat from the sun.

Overall the dual cab slide-on camper was designed for those who are trying to be careful with fuel consumption over the duration of your road trip. Our compact campers sit only 150-200mm above the head of your vehicle, unlike others on the market. Not only is your fuel consumption in your vehicle reduced but you are not affected by strong winds. Most of the time when you are travelling you will cruise along without ever noticing that the tray back camper is sitting on the back of your 4WD dual cab or space cab Ute tray.

To sum it all up, the dual cab tray back campers are perfect for those who want something modern, compact, lightweight and cheaper on fuel (no towing). It’s so easy to set-up, as there is no back breaking exercise of opening and closing the camper.